Arndern - The Beacon on the Sea

Arndern – the great Ronar city of progress. Where to begin?

While records of the period are sketchy, the common consensus among historians holds that the city was founded approximately two centuries after the Awakening. Starting as a humble fishing village at the foot of a set of imposing cliffs facing the Waking Sea to the world’s far east, Arndern soon grew to enormous proportions as the sentient races began to experiment with sailing. The city’s advantageous position in a ravine that gives easy access to either end of the Ronar Valley made it an ideal staging point for all manner of business – be it simple trading or the movement of armies.

Being such a hub has given the city a unique atmosphere. From the Arconac Isles to the far south to the elves along the southeastern seaboard, merchantss and artisans from all over the world travel to Arndern to ply their trades. While Arndern is and always has been a human city, it houses very significant minorities of halflings, elves, and dwarves. It’s not uncommon to see halfling merchants from Croswic rubbing elbows with elven artificers from Tel’Ar, dwarven mercenaries from Highgate working with the ruling Wardens for some business or another, or anything in between. This cosmopolitan nature is almost totally unique in Goldarvarr’s oft-segregated societies – with only Highgate coming anywhere close to the same levels of diversity and harmony.

That isn’t to say the city is a utopia, however. The wealth the merchants bring attracts criminals and cutthroats of all stripes, keeping the local Warden contingency constantly on guard. Piracy is rampant, and even in the city’s walls violence and corruption are surprisingly commonplace.

Politically, the city holds significance as the wealthiest and most well-connected of the five great Ronar cities. It holds the third most seats on the Warden Moot – below Kaldrr and Sundrr – and is currently ruled by Warden-Commander Avanskr Highedge and his subordinates Warden-Lieutenants Osvirr Trueheart and Brann Whitefeather.

Arndern - The Beacon on the Sea

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